Please read before placing your order

- Please stick with the items and customization options on the menu.  If there is something you think we should offer that you don't see listed let them know your suggestion at the counter when you pick up your food. *Please note that adding items not listed may result in additional charges when you arrive.

- When placing an online order if you have an allergy please make it clear in the notes. Refunds will not be issued in the case of allergy information being forgotten by the customer.


- You will have a chance at the bottom of each item selected to add any additional notes for the staff/kitchen*.  Please utilize this as opposed to calling/emailing.


- If you do not see an item listed it is most likely because it is currently out of stock in the restaurant.

- At this time we are not able to accept gift cards for online orders. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



After much consideration and conversation between our management teams, Jesse and I have decided to put Grind on temporary hiatus as of 9/7/2021. There are a dozen reasons why but mostly we're all just so exhausted. We have been running this company for almost 10 years. Lots of ups and downs over that decade. It requires everyone to be at the top of their game constantly and after hustling to keep two restaurants, a bakery, our teams, and our families safe, healthy and employed during what is seemingly an unending pandemic, we're going to take a step back for a few weeks. We will be combining our teams from our three spots and focusing on Oskar's and Smor for a little while. This will also give us the opportunity to revamp the menu, and make some long overdue repairs at Grind.


We plan to be back open before Halloween and in the meantime we will be expanding hours at Oskar's, planning some plated dinners, getting the bakery ramped up (and the construction for the new location started!) for what is always a super busy holiday season and letting Grind have a little rest for our sanity and the health of the business as a whole. We'll miss you all but will be back before you know it and if you haven't tried Oskar's please come see us soon!


Liz & Jesse Huot