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Do you guys still run the food truck?

We do not. We stopped running it at the end of 2014 and have no plans to reopen it.


Do you guys cater?

We do not currently offer catering.


Do you rent out your restaurant?

You may buy out a portion of the entire restaurant. Prices for a buy out depend on historical sales for that day/week/month/season, etc. Please send us an email to for details and pricing.

Do you offer gluten-free/vegan items?

We do offer gluten free items! While we are not a dedicated gluten free facility and don't encourage anyone with a life-threatening allergy to dine with us, we have many, many customers with celiac and other gluten sensitivities that dine with us safely on a frequent basis. Our burgers are gluten free and we always have buns from Annie May's Sweet Cafe (a dedicated gluten free bakery here in Louisville) available. Other items on our menu may be gluten free but it is always best to double check with our well-trained team when ordering.

Our veggie burger and kale salad can be made vegan. Please let the staff know when ordering.

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